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I was born in Orom, on the 25th Juni 1956. This is the village by the municipality Kanjiza. I ‘ m lived in Orom 4 years and my parents removed in Kanizsa, and I think about this town like about my home town. I begin the school here, and I was a little schoolboy when my talent for drawing was detected. I won many times on drawing competitions. My parents could not pay the Academy for artists. I gone here in local in the technical collage and have a diploma for metal-turner. But I was drawing and painting in the meantime. I dreamed, that I will be one day drawing teacher in the school. I married 1979 and after five years I was a proud father of two sons. Beside my work I draw more and more. After 23 years working in my branch, I decide myself definite for painting and I ‘ am now a free artist. My town is a little oasis, where the people like culture. They are friendly, bland and hospitable. We have a lot of artist from the past, a few of them are unfortunately dead. I ' am thinking of Dobo Tihamer, like my teacher, or Koncz Istvan, poet, Kovac Antal, sculptor. I was the founder of the brunch section for painter by the Ozoray Arpad Culture Assotiation in Kanjiza. In 2007 it will be 10 years, that I lead an International Assotiation of Artist. I ' am constant member of many domestic and alien accotiations of artist. I ' am nature-lover, maybee I ' am drawing many pictures about the nature, the river Tisza is mein domain. I ' am painting with dry pastell, oil and acrill technic. With my friends artists from Senta we founded 1990 the Association of Artists ART 90. We have several times in the year our exhibitions. My pictures you can finde everywhere in the world in private collections.


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